Lock & Ride® Full Flip Down Hard Coat Poly Windshield – Polaris Australia


Lock & Ride® Full Flip Down Hard Coat Poly Windshield
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Lock & Ride® Full Flip Down Hard Coat Poly Windshield

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Full protection or open-air comfort, the choice is yours. Customize your in-cab experience in just seconds with this flip-down windshield. This 2-piece hard-coated poly windshield allows for true modularity for your Polaris GENERAL Lock & Ride Cab System. In the up position, experience full protection from wind, mud, rain or whatever you encounter. In the down position, take in the oncoming wind to provide a comfortable and cool in-cab environment. Two clips and a strap secure the upper portion of the windshield to the hood while in the down position, or you can opt to completely remove the upper portion and stow it away safely. Enjoy the Lock & Ride convenience of changing your windshield configuration in seconds. This revolutionary design delivers comfort in any condition without hindering your line of sight.

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Lock & Ride Full Flip Down Windshield Hard - Coat Poly
Flip between full protection and open-air comfort
Give your General the ultimate modularity with this windshield
Lock & Ride convenience let's you change on the fly
Upper and lower windshield panels, all necessary mounting hardware